7th International Conference Auxetics and other materials and models with "negative" characteristics

and 12th International Workshop Auxetics and related systems Szymbark (Poland) 12-16.IX.2016

The Conference venue

Szymbark is a small village located in northern Poland, in the cultural region known as Kashubia. It is a land located in the northern part of Poland (west of the Vistula River) forming a part of Pomerania. It is inhabited by Kashubians (autochthonous Pomeranians) who speak a regional language. Kashubia stretches south of the Baltic Sea. This region is sometimes called the "Kashubian Switzerland" because of its numerous tourist attractions. Sandy beaches, forests and lakes are to be found in the area.


Hotel Szymbark

Upside down house

The Upside Down House.

The Center for Education and Regionalszymbark Promotion in Szymbark is unconventional and magical place located in the heart of Kashubia, at the foot of the highest peak in Pomerania - the Wiezyca mountain. It is abundant with countless attractions. Accompanied by a guide, visitors can observe objects and structures that are unique at the world scale including, but not limited to: the World's Longest Wooden Plank, the "Pomeranian Griffin" Bunker, the Kashubian World of Fairy Tales and the World's Greatest Performing Grand Piano. One of the most distinctive landmarks in the Center for Education and Regional Promotion is the "Upside Down House", enjoying great popularity among tourists, who can personally experience vertigo when inside. At the Center for Education and Regional Promotion you can catch your own fish from a pond and taste the craftsman's beer from a local brewery.

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