7th International Conference Auxetics and other materials and models with "negative" characteristics

and 12th International Workshop Auxetics and related systems Szymbark (Poland) 12-16.IX.2016

Arrival in Gdansk

Upon arriving to Gdansk on Sept. 12th a member of the organizing team will greet you at the airport/train station, and facilitate your further journey to the conference venue. The person will be wearing yellow ID badge with the name of the conference (see the sample below).

The organizers will arrange the transportation from airport/train station to the hotel in Szymbark. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, the details of the hotel location are provided below:
Szymbark Hotel
Szymbarskich Zakladnikow 12,
83-315 Szymbark
reception phone numers: +48 58 736 62 40 and +48 609 350 488
email: recepcja@hotelszymbark.pl

The Organizers are looking forward to see you in Poland.

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